Background Information about Abbas Holcroft


Light is Abbas Holcroft’s medium of choice, a discovery made after walking into his fathers darkroom at the end of the garden when he was 11, set him down this path and self taught rudiments from camera to dark room skills. A gap year in East Africa provided his 1st real challenge when arriving in Nairobi with some 200 films ready to be exposed, it has been his passion for witnessing something powerful / shocking / beautiful that has always guided him and helped to define this emerging artist. He soon discovered it had an almost magical influence allowing a very personal and intimate story to be reflected. After studying at Napier University (Photography film & Imaging) under the tutelage of Robin Gillanders Abbas began a personal project that took him to Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. Documenting cultural stories or the human struggle was his primary interest, during this period he viewed photography as a tool for change, Change by light that could help to bring awareness and an understanding, that he hopes would bring balance.

Now Abbas is concerned with what he describes as a hunt for light, a process of discovering a scene and then experiencing it and that experience then becoming his obsession. More often then not he finds himself returning to the same scene and at different times of the year to time the light right. Landscape photography has become his primary focus in recent years with his interest now in witnessing the world and our natural habitat and how we together can convey and engage ourselves in this story. His techniques span both stills and moving image and uses aerial photography and video to showcase spectacular viewpoints of our everyday which can sometimes be overlooked. Long exposures have become more essential to him to show our urban and landscapes absent of any human influence or abstractions, that complicates a scene.


1968 Born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
1990 First solo exhibition and induction into the Russian Union of Art Photographers
1994 Awarded the rank of Artist in the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)
2010 Awarded the rank of Master in the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) for achievements in the field of art photography
2014 First prize at the Hamdan International Photography Award (United Arab Emirates) for “On the River”
2015 Grand Prix at the Siena International Pho to Awards (Italy), shortlist at the Epson contest (Russia), more than 15 gold medals in total The artist lives and works in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia